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'''David Phillips''' may refer to: *David Phillips (actor) (born 1978), Canadian actor and host *David Phillips (screenwriter) (born 1978), American author and screenwriter of Sahara (1995 film) *David Phillips (chemist) (born 1939), British photochemist, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry and science broadcaster *David Phillips (climatologist), Environment Canada climatologist *David Phillips (CSI), a fictional character in the American crime drama ''CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'' *David Phillips (entrepreneur) (born 1964), American civil engineer *Dave Phillips (ice hockey) (born 1987), British ice hockey player *David Phillips (gymnast) (born 1977), New Zealand gymnast *David Phillips (footballer) (born 1963), former professional and Welsh international footballer *David Phillips (sociologist), a South-African-American sociologist who studies copycat suicide *David Atlee Phillips...